The Fictional Characters


This section of the exhibit will give the biographys of the main fictional characters from Horn in the West while not giving away the main plot or ending of the show. 

All Quotes are directly from the show. 


Dr. Stuart played by Ricky Moore 2019

Dr. Geoffroy Stuart

"Against King and Country I must go with my son!I came here to escape, but I didn’t realize what I was escaping.  I’m beginning to understand what you and Daniel Boone are talking about:  a new nation, not like anything that ever happened before."  

Dr. Geoffrey Stuart was a doctor from London who was sent to the Colony of North Carolina to study the disease Smallpox. He and his wife Martha and son Jack settle in Hillsborough North Carolina where the befriend many of the locals like Judge Richard Henderson. Being in Hillsborough the Stuart family is caught up in the middle of the Regulator Movement which catches the eye of young Jack. After Jack is caught at the Battle of Alamance, Dr. Stuart and his family are forced to flee to the mountains to escape the British. In their new home Dr. Stuart makes a name for himself as a physician as well as holding other local offices, He befriends the Cherokee and eventually is caught in the turmoil of the American Revolution and must decide whether to be a loyal citizen of the British Empire or become a Patriot and fight for the independence of the new United States. Dr. Stuart symbolizes what many men went through during the American Revolution which was the struggle of choosing which side to fight for. 


Jack Stuart played by Shannon Burke in 2019

Jack Stuart

"Father, this is what I was trying to say!  Look - “To secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed . . .”

Jack Stuart is a young rebellious teenager who moves to the Colony of North Carolina with his family. While living in Hillsborough he is memorized by the Regulators and their stance against the tyranny of Royal Governor William Tryon and follows them to Alamance Creek where a battle breaks out. He is recognized by British Captain Mackenzie who vows to hunt him down and see him pay for his treason. Jack matures through the story and even falls in love with Mary Green. Like with the Regulator Movement he is captivated by the Patriots struggle during the American Revolution and even hints at wanting to join the Continental Army and fight for Liberty.    


Martha Stuart played by Claire Parnell in 2016-2019

Martha Stuart 

Mr. Boone, an ancestor of mine walked barefoot all the way from   Edinburgh to London for a cause she believed in.  I’ll not be separated from my son and husband."  

Martha Stuart is the wife if Dr. Stuart. She is brave and headstrong and has a deep love for her family. She is not swayed by the fact that her way of life is uprooted after the Battle of Alamance and follows her family to the Mountains of North Carolina where she falls in love with the region and is at peace with it being her new home.


Captain Mackenzie played by Chris Morrow in 2019-2020

Captain Mackenzie

"Rebels and Traitors have no rights!"

Captain Mackenzie is the main antagonist of the story. He is the commander of the North Carolina Royal Militia. He is brutal and takes no prisoners. Mackenzie is extremely loyal to his King and will do anything to bring glory to the British Empire. He is allies with the notorious Cherokee War Chief Dragging Canoe and vows to help them remove all settlers from Cherokee Land. Mackenzie also has vowed to bring Jack Stuart to justice for his role in the rebellious Regulator Movement. Captain Mackenzie is based of Banastre Tarleton who commanded the British Legion and was known for his brutality.

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Reverend Sims played by Darrell King in 1993-2004, 2006-2013, & 2019-2020

Reverend Isaiah Sims 

"And it came to pass that the Lord said unto Gideon, arise and get thee down unto the host, for I have delivered it into thy hand."  

Reverend Isaiah Sims is a Baptist Preacher who helps the Regulators who survived the Battle of Alamance escape the British. He is humble and vows to protect those under his care. Once he and the rest of the refugees settle in the North Carolina Mountains he becomes a leader of the new settlement with Dr. Stuart. Reverend Sims is also a lover of food especially food cooked by Widow Howard who he seems to have a unique relationship with. Reverend Sims is based off Reverend Doak who was a Presbyterian Minister who marched with the Overmountain Men to the Battle of Kings Mountain and gave a famous sermon before the battle.  


Widow Howard played by Jenny Cole in  2006-2011 & 2018-2020

Widow Howard 

"Why preacher, is this a proposal? Everybody says it’s about time you took unto yourself a wife!"

Widow Howard was one of the many citizens displaced by the Battle of Alamance. She is very wise as well as very kooky and funny. She takes young Mary Green as her own after Mary’s father was killed at Alamance. She has a love for sewing and has a thing for Reverend Sims.


Mary Green

"Too bad all orphans can’t be as lucky as I am."  

Mary Green is a young girl whose life is turned upside down by the Regulator Movement. During the Battle of Alamance her father is killed making her an orphan. Widow Howard adopts her and raises her after they move to the Mountains of North Carolina. She is also the love of Jack Stuart.   

Fictional Characters