Items for Digital History Class 2020

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Items for Digital History Class 2020


These items are for my ASU Digital History Class


Taylor Osborne

Collection Items

Royal Governor Josiah Martin
Miniature portrait of Josiah Martin

Lord Cornwallis
A portrait of Lt. General Lord Charles Cornwallis

Battle of Alamance
A post card depicting the Battle of Alamance

The Battle of Kings Mountain 1780
A painting depicting the Battle of Kings Mountain. The original painting hangs in the South Carolina State House in Columbia SC.

Dragging Canoe Figure
A wax figure of what it is believed Dragging Canoe looked like at Sycamore Shoals State Historic Site in Elizabethton Tn.

Causey as Daniel Boone
Glen Causey as Daniel Boone

Captain Mackenzie with a hook hand
Captain Mackenzie using a hook hand after the actor hurt his hand before the show

Sims and Widow Howard
Rev. Sims and Widow Howard on stage in the 1970s

The Stuart Home
The Stuart Home in the 1970s

Martha Stuart Understudy
Kaley Pharr as the understudy for Martha Stuart
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